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"Everyone is looking for their freedom.

Art is my freedom."

Christina is a passionate actress, speaker and dancer.
In 2015 she moved to Hamburg for three years and completed her training at the "Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg".

In addition to her studies, she used the time to attend various dance courses and deepened her body awareness and her sense of rhythm. After graduating, she came back to Switzerland and in 2019 she played the two-person play "Oleanna" at the City Theater in Winterthur, the street theater "Die unglückliche Prinzessin" for children, as well as the children's play "Die Glücksforscher" in Bern. She also acted  in various short films and music videos. At the moment she is on stage for the comedy "Ab durch den Schrank" at the Kammerspiele Seeb and in January 2024 she is shooting her first feature film in a leading role.

When Christina worked as an assistant director and production assistant on several productions at the "Theaterwerkstatt Gleis 5" in Frauenfeld, she was imediatly fascinated by the independent theater scene and a new longing was born. Therefore she was very excited to found her own company with Eva Maropoulos and Joëlle Danielle.
Their new ensemble is called:
trio tria


2021 info film for Swisstransplant | Nicole Hofer (daughter) | Directed by Viviana Abati

2021 The 5th Force | Ms. Zimmermann | Directed by Damien Hauser

2020  «Home» music video | girlfriend | Directed by Joelle Danielle Dillmann

2020  Weekend in the Forest | Amina | Directed by Micha Meyer

2020  Where is Dave? | Miss Chaotic | Director: Christian Jankovski

2020  Druckabfall | Deborah Kern | Directed by Andreas Elsener

2020  «Sweet Arrival» Music Video | woman | Directed by Julie Caannes

2020  «Nastya» music video | mother | Director: Nevin George

2020  Love - The way back to the beginning | woman | Director: Simon Brown

2020  «Our Mind» Music Video | dancer | Director: Hannah Dobbertin

2019  closure | Ari | Directed by Esra Tas

2019  mother | Policewoman | Directed by Daniel Grabherr


2023 TEND | Customer | Director: ClemensTreul (TEND AG)

2022 Swisscom | woman | Director: Cédric Knapp (JUNGvMATT)


2021 You don't have a chance, grab it! | Sissy Sisyphus | Own production of the Trio Tria

(Theater am Gleis in Winterthur, Theater Visavis in Bern)

2021 The Happiness Researchers | Didy | Director: Jana Skolovski (Theater Visavis Bern, Arsenal Brig)

2020  The Bag | Razan | Director: Mudar Ramadan (Literaturhaus Berlin)

2020  The Sad Princess | several | Director: Jana Skolovski (street theater in Bern)

2019/20  Oleanna | Carole | Director: Thomas Guglielmetti (Winterthur City Theater)

2018  Thieves | several | Direction: Friederike Harmstorf (Studiobühne SfSH)

2018/19  Borders | the femininity | Director: India Roth, choreography: Maria Möbius (STAMP Festival)

2017  paradise starvation | caro | Director: Sasha Davydova (Stage B ZHdK)

2017  The cold child | Mom | Direction: Hans Schernthaner (Studiobühne SfSH)

2017  Kleist & the women (reading) | Eve, Meroe | Head: Christiane Leuchtmann (SfSH)

Training &

2019 | Source Tuning - Heroes and Losers | Jens Roth

Special skills

Dancing: Flamenco | Contemporary |  Ballet

Sports: Yoga | Pilates | Juggle

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